Our unique awards program
It’s important that progress is recognised and children love our medals! We have a total of 10 badges, catering from complete beginners right up to expert skiers. Instructors continually assess the children throughout the week, as opposed to having strict ‘tests’, this ensures lessons remain fun and exciting. Our badges are awarded at the end of the week and come with a booklet so you can see what technical skills have been achieved and what’s next. We keep note of all the medals we award, making it easier for you when you next book lessons.
Bronze Level
The bronze level badges are awarded to children from complete beginners through to the point where they can ski down a run, in a snowplough, doing turns and controlling their speed. Typically it's awarded to children in the Freshers level of our group lessons.
Bronze Green:

Ski ability description: You can walk around on your skis if it’s flat and ski in a straight line without falling.

Recommended slopes: Magic carpet or short runs with a natural run out.

What’s next?: Snow ploughing to control your speed.
Bronze Blue:

Ski ability description: You can climb the slope with your skis on and ski down in a straight line, controlling your speed in a snow plough.

Recommended slopes: Magic carpet or short runs with a natural run out.

What’s next?: Learning how to snow plough turn.
Bronze Red:

Ski ability description: You can officially ski! You’re able to perform linked snow plough turns in a “S” shape and are able to go faster or slower depending on the slope width or gradient.

Recommended slopes: Flat and wide green runs.

What’s next?: Learning to use a button lift and starting to get your skis parallel between turns.
Silver Level
The silver level badges are awarded to children who are progressing from snowplough turning on green runs to starting to perform parallel turns and are able to ski blue runs. The badges are generally awarded to children in our Swifts and Cruisers level groups.
Silver Blue:

Ski ability description: You’re now skiing a bit faster, starting the turn in a snow plough and ending the turn with your skis parallel.

Recommended slopes: Green runs and easy blues.

What’s next?: Reducing the need to start the turn with a snow plough and increasing confidence on more varied terrain.
Silver Red:

Ski ability description: You’re much less reliant on your snow plough and are able to balance well on your outside ski, your skis are now parallel earlier in the turn.

Recommended slopes: Blue runs

What’s next?: Learning how to ski with your skis parallel all the time.
Silver Black:

Ski ability description: You can perform parallel turns! Your skis stay much closer together all the way around the arc of the turn, no more snow ploughs.

Recommended slopes: Blue runs and easy reds.

What’s next?: Improving your posture and learning new skills such as short turns.
Gold Level
Our gold level awards are for children that are progressing to being able to ski the entire mountain, in control and with confidence. The gold badges are generally awarded to children in our Rockers and Top Cats ability level groups.
Gold Red:

Ski ability description: Your turns are smooth and ‘S’ shaped and you are becoming comfortable with higher speeds, you can also perform shorter radius turns on easier terrain.

Recommended slopes: Red runs.

What’s next?: Pole plants, carving and steeper slopes.
Gold Black:

Ski ability description: You are using a pole plant to help with your timing and body position. You can perform short and long turns on red runs in control of your speed and are learning how to carve on easier terrain.

Recommended slopes: You’re comfortable on red runs and may have skied an easier black run.

What’s next?: Refining your skiing to cope better with slopes of a steeper gradient and more challenging terrain.
Black Level
Our black level awards are our highest level awards, generally for children who have been skiing for a number of years. Their skiing technique will be at a very high standard and they will be able to ski the entire mountain comfortably, including challenging terrain such as bumps and off piste.
Black Platinum:

Ski ability description: Your technique is now refined to a high level on piste and you’re now able to perform controlled short or long turns on a steep run, even if the snow conditions are challenging. Your carving turns have improved and you understand how to use the side cut of the ski to help performance.

Recommended slopes: Groomed black runs and small moguls.

What’s next?: Carrying your strong technique into off piste and bumps skiing.
Trainee Instructor:

Ski ability description: You can ski the entire mountain comfortably with near perfect technique, from carving down steeper slopes, to bumps and off piste.

Recommended slopes: You can ski anywhere – as long as it’s safe!

What’s next?: You could think about competitive skiing or completing some instructing exams.