Frequently asked questions
We have tried to answer some of the most common questions we're asked by customers, however should you have any further queries or need some advice, please give us a call and speak to our friendly office team.
Where is the meeting point?
The meeting point for your lessons can be found in your booking confirmation email. If you're taking private lessons and have agreed a custom meeting point, this will also be detailed within your booking confirmation emai. In the event you're unsure of where to meet your instructor, please contact the office team.
Can the instructors use the Ski School queue jump lines at the lifts?
Yes. If you're skiing during a busy period, or there happens to be a large queue, your Supreme instructor will be able to take you down the ski school queue, if there's one available.
What qualifications the instructors have?
Safety is of utmost importance to us; the mountains can be a dangerous environment. All of our instructors are BASI Level 4 qualified or equivalent, to obtain this qualification they have shown considerable skill, knowledge and experience. It takes roughly 4 to 5 years to complete all the exams necessary to gain the level 4 qualification, it is internationally recognised as one of the most all encompassing qualifications in the snow sports industry. Our instructors renew their first aid every 3 years and are prepared for accidents that may happen whilst running a ski lesson.
Are lift passes and ski rental included?
The lesson price just covers the instructor's time and does not include ski pass or equipment rental. If you would like advice on which ski pass to buy or where to rent your equipment, please just ask our office team for assistance. We work with rental companies in resort who will often offer a discount to our customers.
Do Instructors have criminal record checks?
All instructors have a clean, up to date criminal record check.
If I book a private lesson will I have the same instructor for all my lessons?
If you have booked online you will have a choice of booking with separate instructors, A, B and C. If you select all of your lessons with the same instructor then we guarantee you will have the same instructor for all of your lessons. If you have booked through our reservations team, unless otherwise specified all your lessons will be with the same instructor.
What happens if I book an adult or child in to the incorrect level for a group lesson?
If possible and group numbers allow it, the instructor will move the skier in to a more suitable group. If it is not possible to move the skier in to another group, due to it being full, or there not being an appropriate group running, we reserve the right to remove the skier from the group without offering a refund. If you are in any doubt as to which group level you should be booking a skier in to please contact our reservations team and they can advise you which level would be best.
What type of lesson should I book?
We have a wide range of ski lessons at Supreme Ski & Snowboard School, the type of lesson you choose should be aligned to the individual’s needs. For adults, our best value lessons are our adult group ski lessons; they run for 2 hours per day and there is a maximum of just 4 skiers per group, enabling plenty of individual feedback whilst still retaining the social aspect of skiing in a group. If you would like to meet new people, learn new skills and not break the bank, group lessons are for you! If you learn better through one to one coaching then you will benefit from our private ski lessons. You will have the instructor’s full focus and attention, so the lesson can be completely tailored to your needs. You can specify your start time and meeting point and choose how long you would like the lesson to last, be it 2 hours or all day. For children we recommend our 4 hour children’s group ski lessons, there are only 6 children per group, which means plenty of individual feedback and learning in a safe, fun environment. Generally children will have more fun and learn at a faster rate in a group than they will in a private lesson, skiing with other children of a similar age and ability encourages the children to make changes to their skiing, be it learning to stop or going from a snow plough to parallel.
How many lessons should I book?
Our group lessons are a minimum of 5 or 6 days, you can choose to start Sunday or Monday. If you choose private lessons you can book as many or as few lessons as you like, for a beginner we recommend 2 to 4 hours each morning, this will allow you to practice what you have learnt in the afternoon. If you are at an intermediate level we recommend 3 lessons, spread across the week, as you improve your skiing it generally takes slightly longer to make technical changes, so a larger gap between lessons to practice can be useful. It is never too late to learn new skills, so even if you are an expert you can still benefit from a lesson or 2 with one of our instructors!
Are there additional charges for multiple people in private lesson?
The price displayed for private lessons is for up to 6 people, the price does not change if there is more than one person taking part in the lessons.